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A Step By Step Guide to Set KPIs for Team Members

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The software solution helps assess customer satisfaction through its detailed rating feature that can be enabled on chats, tickets, and even help articles. With the rating system alone, you will be able to get a general idea of your team’s and team members’ performance when it comes to how they handle the customers’ concerns. ProProfs Help Desk also enables you to create feedback forms and surveys to gather more information from your customers regarding the customer support they are getting. One can customize the application’s ticketing system to suit business needs using the built-in field templates. The system also features notification alerts, service levels and escalations, and proactive notifications. Also included is a plug-and-play ITIL, which eliminates the need for consultations as it adheres to best practices.

Every business is unique, there’s no definite list of questions for everyone, so it’s up to you to work on the questionnaire. Ask your customers if they like your product or service, how they feel about customer support, delivery and ease of your website use. Although a low MTTR is a worthy objective, many IT Support organizations go too far in trying to enforce aggressive service levels. Those who pursue this strategy typically believe that aggressive service levels are a prerequisite for achieving high customer satisfaction levels.

CES (Customer Effort Score)

Once KPI results are analyzed, they allow you to concentrate on which areas of the business need improvement and whether any adjustments should be made to the current course of action. This will save you from making the wrong decisions and predict future scenarios. Since KPIs are measurable, you can directly influence the factors that determine their results and take preventative actions to ensure that you are on track to achieve your goals. As mentioned above, KPIs are essential to identify the contributions of your team members towards overall business goals. Here are some notable reasons why you should implement a KPI process in your organization. But that approach doesn’t just apply to your supply chain management, revenue or churn rates – most fundamentally, it also applies to people and our performance.

KPIs provide a framework for measuring progress, monitoring performance, and identifying areas for improvement across different levels of the organization. They help to ensure that the department and individual goals are aligned with the organization’s overall strategy. Furthermore, KPIs can be used to manage performance and drive continuous improvement. You don’t want your customers to have to reach out to you multiple times to resolve a single issue.

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Support KPIs and Metrics gives your support team insight into their efforts and aids them in bringing their work to the next level, always knowing where they stand. Now, with project management software, these can be managed and updated in real time. And when your team members can update them in real time, there is a tendency towards more accuracy. Organizations also use these to evaluate their success in reaching targets, but we can also use these in projects, and when used in projects, we’re looking to evaluate and measure the team’s progress. When teams update their tasks and timesheets that information populates the dashboard to keep you on track when managing a project.


Business-level KPIs tell you how customer service impacts the overall health of your business. You can use them to make strategic decisions that will improve the quality of service and impact revenue positively. To add on, you can get insights about agent brandwidth by taking a look at this metric against the total number of tickets (more on this later). If you have a high number of tickets resolved per month, and a high first response time, then you need to work on easing agent bandwidth. KPIs are of quantifiable targets that help you to track the progress of your business goals. They will help you to comprehend how the performance of your team members contributes to it.

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The first call resolution rate is one of the most important customer service performance metrics to track. It measures the efficiency of your team to resolve an issue on the first call. It is an indicator used to know how good your agents are at understanding and addressing a problem without needing to transfer or return the call. There are several ways to optimize this customer service KPI, starting with training your agents in their communication skills. Providing them scripts and customer surveys, and putting a clear process in place are also best practices you should consider if you want to increase your first call resolution rate.

  • This is why world-class support organizations pay so much attention to this metric.
  • Analysis is required in both identifying and extracting insights from KPIs to truly make them work for critical departments like customer support and marketing.
  • So, a few best practices are that you want to make sure that the KPIs that you create for your project or your team is aligned with your project and your organization.

If your company has a high abandonment rate, it can mean long queue times or complicated entry processes, which can lead to poor customer satisfaction rates in the long run. To avoid this, you can track this rate on a weekly basis and dig deeper into the weeks where it was higher. This way, you will be able to spot inefficiencies and stop them on the spot. Problem management KPIs are focused on identifying, resolving, and preventing recurring IT incidents. These objectives aim to minimize the impact of IT issues on the organization and ensure IT services meet the business’s needs.

Key help desk metrics and KPIs

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