My family refuses to acknowledge their frequent drinking and driving, in this weeks Were Prudence

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Gillian Duncan, author and sleep expert, talks about her own struggles with addiction, why sleep is so important, why alcohol affects our sleep so badly and how to get a good night’s sleep when you quit drinking. Entrepreneur, Oxford House Wikipedia Sally Oddy shares her story about why she is taking a long break from alcohol. The impact that even drinking just a little bit had on her personal and professional life and the wonderful benefits she is experiencing now.

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  • Tune in as Jean cultivates community and compassion by sharing conversations and interviews with those who have been affected by unhealthy alcohol use.

The gorgeous Mia of the sober Glow and her choice to live an alcohol free life. We talk retreats, breath practice and of course the other thing we both have in common which is our hair! The lovely Jen Elizabeth talks openly and honestly about her battle with addiction, how she let go of alcohol and drugs and literally transformed her life.

Quit Drinking and Stop Trying to Moderate

Podcasts are fantastic for listening to whilst on the move or whether reading is not your thing. One of my favourite podcasts each month, I am sure they will continue to be so throughout 2021. If you haven’t listened to their content yet, then I highly recommend that you do if you are interested about learning tips and techniques on socialising sober, through to alcohol-free drinks and smashing sobriety. They do some fantastic work at highlighting alcoholism and help with sobriety, or providing valuable information for anyone who is sober curious. A comedian who is in recovery and focuses her content on sobriety and Covid-19. I really like her relaxed approach to each podcast I have listened to.

Mandy and Kate don’t shy away from sensitive or controversial topics and every episode is packed with helpful advice and tips. They also have some brilliant guests who offer different perspectives on sobriety and I was honoured to appear on a recent episode. Chip Somers was most recently described by Russell Brand in his book ‘Recovery’ as someone who has taught him that it was OK to talk about my feelings. Many of us are familiar with the term sober curious or sober curiosity, and it’s thanks to Ruby Warrington. She’s the author of the Sober Curious book series, host of the Sober Curious podcast, and a well-known thought leader in the sobriety community.

Transforming Lives Through Inspiration & Community

If you’re looking to gain insight into sobriety and recovery from hosts with both lived and professional experience, this is a great podcast option for you. Hosted by recovery experts Veronica Valli (recovery coach) and Chip Somers (psychotherapist), this recovery podcast offers expert insights via interviews with people who have built a “soberful” life. The hosts cover a range of topics like emotional sobriety and trauma, and have been sober for a combined almost 50 years. Soberful is full of advice for those who are sober curious, navigating the early stages of sobriety, or in long-term recovery. The Sober Bliss Podcast is a collection of inspiring interviews, chats and talks with some amazing people all on their own journey to sobriety. About This Sobriety Podcast – Alex and Lisa have been friends since school and drank for almost thirty years before they tip-toed into the world of sobriety.

  • The opposite of addiction is connection and this podcast gets it.
  • Put down the drink—for real this time—and become the person you long to be.
  • In the Sober Bliss Sobriety podcasts discover why a life of alcohol freedom is the most powerful act of self care and self love you can show yourself.
  • “We say it in meetings and we don’t say it in the world enough,” Frere-Jones observes.
  • That being said, the letter writers’ family seem to have a larger issue here.